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We are well known for selling top jewellery brands like, Lovelinks, Ti-sento and Nomination to name a few but you may not realise that we are actual jewellers, we have been creating and designing jewellery in our Jewellery Design Studio in Cheshire for over 20 years and if we were to be honest, we are very good at it. The Lester and Brown reputation for diamond engagement rings is sparkling. As diamond experts, diamond setters and jewellery designers, we know what it takes to spot a beautiful diamond. We only ever select a small proportion of those diamonds that reach our strict standards for beauty and quality. These diamonds are then hand set by ourselves in your unique piece of jewellery, whether it's an engagement ring, wedding rings or even a diamond pendant, our attention to detail and the high standards that we have set ourselves is second to none. The qualities of Lester and Brown diamonds are reflected in our beliefs of clarity, substance and individuality. At... More