Pendant And Earrings Collection 2016


Diamond Solitaire pendants are simply elegant but why not add a little shine to yours with a Halo setting from Lester and Brown.
Our diamond set halo pendant settings simply add a small row of diamonds around your own solitaire stone, don’t worry if you don’t already have a stone, we have a large selection of loose diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones to choose from that can be set into most of the Halo pendants.

Our Diamond Halo Earrings are a perfect alternative to a traditional pair of diamond stud earrings, Halo settings are also ideal for enhancing your own single stone earrings. With a beautifully set centre diamond or precious stone, in many cuts from round, princess and emerald cut to oval, cushion and pear shape, each stone surrounded by a ring of meticulously set diamonds that will add that extra sparkle to them.