Jewellery Services

Jewellery Repairs

As Lester and Brown we are master jewellers with over 30 years experience designing  making and repairing  jewellery. All our repairs, jewellery services and bespoke designs are carried out in-house. We can fix, repair and restore almost any piece of jewellery, from a simple ring sizing in platinum, palladium or gold to the more intricate restoration of antique and old jewellery pieces. We carry out expert repairs on all jewellery items that have worn over time, repairing or replacing tired parts or missing gemstones and renewing your jewellery so it can sparkle once more.

Jewellery Remodelling

At Lester and Brown jewellers, we can remodel jewellery using your own precious metal and stones.  We can redesign an old piece of  jewellery that may be worn out, a bit tired but possibly of great sentimental value, into a modern, beautiful and practical up-to-date piece that can be worn all the time. We will always treat your precious items with great respect.  We will always come up with great ideas and suggestions as to what is the best way to remodel your jewellery into something special.

Bespoke design

At Lester and Brown, we are eager to work with you on your unique design, whether it’s traditional, modern or just a wacky piece of jewellery, Lester and Brown can design and create it for you. If you are looking for something different that will reflect your personality and individuality, our bespoke jewellery design service can create a truly original piece of jewellery, whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring,fancy dress ring or any piece of jewellery, we can create this to your requirements and more importantly to your budget.  So what is bespoke jewellery? To put it simply, we create a piece of jewellery that is unique to you, at lester and brown, we have been designing jewellery for over 30 years and we’ve seen many changes over this time.  Join us at our Jewellery Design Studio in Cheshire for a free consultation where we will guide you through the design process, once you have an idea for the style of jewellery you want, we will sketch your ideas down to get things started. We will stop at nothing until you’re happy with your design, so we will go through as many design drafts until you are completely satisfied. When you are happy with your unique jewellery design, we will then create a 3d virtual model of your piece for your approval; this is when your jewellery design really begins to take shape. Only when you are happy with your design, will we create your unique piece of jewellery, which will be hand finished and set with stones of your choosing in our own workshops.

Insurance and valuation replacement.

Our valuations are all carried out in-house, we don’t post your jewellery away to one of the valuation services that many other jewellers use. We pride ourselves on the quality of our valuations,they are done with great detail, accurate descriptions and are accompanied by a photograph. You will find the cost of our valuations to be more competitive than most other jewellers and yet without any compromise on the quality of the work done.

Recycle your gold

Using gold you may already own to create new jewellery is an inexpensive alternative to using new Gold. Our bespoke jewellery service can create you a new piece of jewellery from your old gold, diamonds and gemstones, many of the pieces you see on our site have been created this way.

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