Bespoke Jewellery design

At Lester and Brown, we are eager to work with you on your unique design, whether it’s traditional, modern or just  a wacky piece of jewellery, Lester and Brown can design and create it for you. If you are looking for something different that will reflect your personality and individuality, our bespoke jewellery design service can create a truly original piece of jewellery, whether it’s an engagement, wedding or fancy dress ring or any piece of jewellery, we can create this to your requirements and to your budget in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere (if you’re really lucky we will even make you one of our special coffees!) View Our Gallery

So what is bespoke jewellery?

To put it simply, we create a piece of jewellery that is unique to you, at lester and brown, we have been designing jewellery for over 30 years and we’ve seen many changes over this time but most jewellery designs start the same way, with a chat to work out your tastes, likes and dislikes and then we will start with a rough sketch.

Join us at our Jewellery Design Studio in Cheshire for a free consultation where we will guide you through the design process. Once you have an idea for the style of jewellery you want, we will sketch your ideas down to get things started. We will stop at nothing until you’re happy with your design, so we will go through as many design drafts until you are completely satisfied. When you are happy with your unique jewellery design, we will then create a 3d virtual model of your piece for your approval; this is when your jewellery design really begins to take shape.

Only when you are happy with your design, will we create your unique piece of jewellery, which will be hand finished and set with stones of your choosing in our own workshop to the highest standards. Only after a final inspection will your bespoke piece of jewellery be ready to be worn and adored. One thing we will guarantee is that your finished piece will be to the very highest of standards.

Online Jewellery design.

If like many of our clients you’re not local, can’t make a visit in person or simply don’t want to be spotted in the jewellers and want to add an element of surprise for your bespoke piece of jewellery, this is for you. With no interruption or inconvenience to your busy schedule, we can work with you to create a unique piece of jewellery at a time that suits you best. Simply call us and we can establish your design requirements and your budget. We will then set to work on pencilling out some sketches, which will be emailed to you to determine if we are on the right lines.

Once you are happy with the pencil sketches, we will design your chosen piece on a computer using C.A.D,(computer aided design) which will give you photo realistic images of your unique jewellery design. We can even make a silver model and post it to you for approval before we make the real thing, also at this point, we will be able to confirm timescale and cost.

Once your happy with your design, will we create your unique piece of jewellery, which will be hand finished, polished and stone set in our workshop and once completed, we will dispatch your commission to you.

It may all sound a bit complicated but it’s quite simple really! We will do our very best to make things as smooth as possible. There will be costs during this process but it varies from job to job. We will always advise of costs as we go along, a lot of our design process is done at no charge unless it is a particularly time consuming design.

As we always say, don’t be afraid to speak to us, we don’t bite!