Bespoke Engagement Rings

lester and brown bespoke engagement rings

Step 1

Make It Personal

Choosing an Engagement ring needn’t be an daunting task, at Lester and Brown we have a great range of ready-made engagement rings online and even more in-store however, have you ever thought of designing your own? No one knows your partner better than you and although you can call on family members and close friends for guidance (if you trust their discretion), we can work with you to design a bespoke engagement ring that reflects your partners personality and style.

Together, we will explore different concepts for your bespoke engagement ring, simply share your ideas with us and we will sketch them out, we can even develop your ideas from your drawings or even a picture that you may have. We want you to be happy with your chosen design and we won’t stop until you are happy with the basic design concept.

You may have a clear vision of the ring you would like or you may be starting with a blank canvas, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the options.

Bespoke engagement ring, making it personal

Don’t know her finger size?

As much as she’ll want to wear the ring straight away and never take it off, it’s not the end of the world if you need to get it resized. Usually we can resize a ring while you wait (well, in enough time to have a nice cappuccino at least).

Although, if you would like to be more precise, without giving the game away, simple delve into her jewellery box and find an old ring she used to wear, we can get an approximate size from that.

Step 2

Your Design Brought To Life

After the initial design consultation, we will create a 3d virtual model of your piece for you to view; the images that are produced are very realistic and will help give you a better idea about your chosen design. We want you to be happy with your jewellery design and we encourage you to get involved in the design process as much as possible, from the simple sketch, Images to even a wax model of your bespoke piece, to ensure every detail is right for you.

It may all sound a bit complicated but it’s quite simple really! We will do our very best to make things as smooth as possible. As we always say, don’t be afraid to speak to us, we don’t bite! And although we take our work very seriously, we also like to treat our customers in a relaxed friendly manner, we don’t do pushy! We want you to make all the decisions for yourself.

Bespoke engagement ring | From Cad to Render

I have family Stones, can I use them?

Of course you can, together we can design your unique engagement ring around the stone (s) you already have and to be honest, this will help reduce the overall cost of the ring, you will only have to pay for the metal, we don’t charge for designing! Most people do but we don’t.

Step 3

Creating Your Unique Ring

Once we’ve finalised your design concepts, we will start to create your bespoke engagement ring using the metal and stones you have selected, it won’t be long before your initial ring idea becomes a reality.

Our in-house jewellers will start to work their magic (it’s not really magic, more experience and exacting standards) and rest assured, with over 30 years of creating bespoke jewellery, we can guarantee that your ring will be created with care and attention and made to the very highest quality for what Lester and Brown are renowned for.

creating a bespoke wedding ring

Unable To Visit Us?

Don’t worry if you can’t call in to see us or you don’t live locally, most of the design process can be done via phone conversation, email or Skype. To be honest, we have many clients that live miles away and even some from other countries, such as Spain, Australia, America, Thailand and France.

Step 4

The Proposal

This bit we leave to you but please share with us your intentions and let us know how it went, we love to hear people’s stories on their engagement and how it all unfolded. As you can imagine, over the last 30 years we’ve heard some great stories and all of them unique and individual.

bespoke engagement ring | The Proposal

Book Your Free Consultation Now!

So why not join us at our Jewellery Design Studio in Cheshire for a free consultation or simply get in contact and we can guide you through the design process and explain how we can make your special occasion that bit more special.